Why do I need liability coverage?

Renters insurance personal liability coverage pays for damages related to bodily injury and personal property when a policyholder is at fault or negligent. It covers a wide variety of incidents that might lead to a personal liability claim.

What does this policy cover?

Renter's liability insurance can cover your responsibility for damage to your apartment or the community caused by certain incidents, or for injuries to others. Optional renter's personal property coverage can provide financial reimbursement to cover your lost or damaged possessions as a result of fire, theft or vandalism.

Does this policy cover multiple residents in the same unit?

No, the policy only covers the resident whose name appears on the certificate.

Am I required to have a renters policy?

Your Scion community requires a renters insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000 personal liability coverage. As noted in your Housing Agreement, proof of coverage is a condition of move-in or renewal.

How do I prove coverage to my Scion community?

Conifer will automatically notify your Scion community of your insurance policy. All Conifer renters policies satisfy the Scion Housing Agreement requirements.

Doesn't my landlord's policy cover me?

Landlord insurance policies do not offer protection to tenants. That's why many landlords require tenants to show proof of renter's insurance before leasing to them, or require them to sign documents indicating they understand their landlord's insurance policy doesn't cover tenants.

Will Conifer request a credit report?

Conifer does not obtain a credit report for insureds in this particular program.

How can I request higher coverage limits?

Please feel free to contact April Wolfe at Kapnick Insurance Group to discuss a customized insurance solution. She can be reached at 517.366.2741

What if I already have coverage through another insurance company?

You can upload proof of coverage to this website. Coverage will be verified and automatically sent to your Scion community.

Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

Yes, a prorated membership refund is available during the first 120 days of membership. After 120 days have elapsed the membership is not refundable.