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Get started on your renters insurance right now.

Renters coverage is no longer available.

Just a few reasons to choose us for your insurance needs.

100% Compliance

100% Compliance. We've got you covered!

Conifer teamed with your housing community to verify all our packages meet the insurance requirements in your Housing Agreement. But that is just the start! Your resident portal will immediately be updated to reflect verified coverage. One less thing to worry about on move-in day!
No Installment Fees

Credit Card Billing. No installment fees!

Why pay installment fees when you can earn points on your credit card? Pay in full and don't worry about cancellation because you missed a payment. Our goal is to keep things easy.
Auto Cancel

Automatic Cancel at Move-Out. The smart choice!

Most housing agreement terms are less than 1 year. So why would you purchase a 1 year policy elsewhere? We taylor your coverage certificate to your exact move-in and move-out dates. Moving out early? No problem, we will send you a reminder email to cancel. There is no reason to pay more than needed.